I was born in Liverpool in 1951 and for as long as I can remember as a child I would always be found with pencil and paper in hand with a willingness to have a go at drawing anything. During my school years I would often be called upon by other members of my family if a particular drawing or diagram was required for homework. My artistic skills carried with me into secondary school where I not only excelled at art but in technical drawing and I harboured thoughts of leaving school and becoming a draughtsman. Sadly, that was not to be and I left school at 15 to start earning my crust as an apprentice sheet metal worker. This was not to last however and I continued my working life in various jobs from building to delivering mail to making cars and I spent several years working for British Rail as a shunter. I eventually finished up living in Swansea where I spent several years working for an architectural hardware company as a bench locksmith. During my working life my art work was virtually forgotten about although I would still do the odd sketch when the mood took me.

That was until 2009 when I was forced into early retirement because of ill health and I suddenly found myself with plenty of time on my hands. Because of my illness my movements were and still are pretty restricted so I needed something that would keep me occupied so what better than to return to my love of art and in particular plain old pencil and paper. I have never taken any formal training (apart from school) and think it fair to say that I am completely self-taught. I have been amazed at how things have moved on in art since my school days and I am thoroughly enjoying myself at the moment. I have learnt a tremendous amount over the last few years but a lot of that learning must be accredited to other artists for being so generous with their techniques.

Apart from my art work I enjoy photography and I am a keen genealogist. I am passionate about animals and the environment and I try to spend as much time as I can in the peace and quiet of the British countryside.